A New Road of Commitment – Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings symbolizes that the person who is wearing it is engaged to be married. The tradition of wearing rings was started in the western culture but now it has spread worldwide. Nowadays, an engagement function is not complete without the exchange of rings. It is a tradition in some cultures that only the woman would wear the ring, but there are cultures wherein both the man and woman would wear the ring.

Engagement ring as a gift:

Engagement ring actually is given to the girl as an engagement gift when the man proposes to her to marry him. She accepts him and the ring and then an announcement is made that they are engaged to be married. Engagement ring is actually like an agreement signed by the girl to marry him. And so the rings are also called as promise engagement rings. But then the tradition changed and in British Isles it became very common that women started proposing to the men and so they started making engagement rings for men too.

The ring will mostly be a diamond engagement ring or any other gem stone depending on the richness of the groom. Now there are shops that sell twin engagement rings that are similar in shape embedded with a diamond, one for the groom to be and the other for the bride to be. It comes as a matching set so that it would be easy for the two of them to decide on the pattern.

Platinum engagement ring:

With the introduction of the platinum jewellery, now many couple prefer platinum more than the gold even though platinum rings are costlier than the gold rings. Since platinum is white in color, it represents purity and so now it has become a fashion to wear platinum engagement rings.

Reason for wearing the engagement ring on the lef ring finger:

The ring is actually worn in the left hand ring finger as they say that there is a nerve that runs from this finger to the heart. The wearing of rings actually activates the pressure points to the heart so that the person will be healthy and will not have any heart ailments.

Phase between the engagement and the wedding:

The engagement ring represents the phase between the engagement and the actual wedding wherein the two of them would get to know one another better. They will either exchange the same engagement rings during their wedding or some prefer to wear a different set of rings for the wedding.


Thus engagement rings can be considered as troy clancy engagement rings sydney very auspicious to the two of them especially to the girl as she would cherish it lifelong.

Gift-Giving Ideas and Suggestions for Men

Gift-Giving Ideas and Suggestions

Men are not only difficult to give presents to but it is also very hard to find things that they will truly like. However, if you know his type or what his interests are, shopping to buy gifts men is very easy.

Get to know his type

First, you must need to classify his type. Is he a family man, sports type, or a savvy business man? It is very important to define him and know his interest so that you will have an idea where to start looking for a gift for him. Get to know his other side as well such his pastime, hobbies, and passions.


It would also be ideal if you can identify his needs. Raiding his closet secretly and getting to know what needs to be replaced is the most effective solution to buy gifts for men. Knowing the things that are missing on his daily activities is also an ideal gift for him.

How to buy gifts for men

Although it is recommended to visit several malls and shops in your locale, it is also ideal to try online shopping. There are some things that cannot be bought on traditional stores. Online stores also give you some limited edition and hard to find gifts for men as well.

With online shopping, you can also save time, money and effort as well. This will also enable you to make comparison on the things you want to consider as presents for him. Just make sure you are shopping in the most reliable online stores. Reading reviews and customers feedbacks are a great help.


Always buy what men need and what makes them happy. They are not very particular with the price as long as they can use it more often. Make sure this gift is also given with love and sincerity.

All the Treasure Can Give: Living for Arts

The Jewellery Network History

The Jewellery Network History

Owning a jewellery store and promoting it online is the new black in the US and UK nowadays. With varied penchants, the market for gold, diamond, silver and other precious gems has graphically grown through the years. Why graphically?- simply because one could already see the fast rise of income figures in a behavioral chart.

The US is a known country for precious gems. But  beyond ownership, which its general people have had owned each, the American society has long shifted their focus towards business management. It is perhaps an undeniable fact that business of all sorts, as long a ROIs are ensured, are great life-savers among the working class. And now, even the rich and wealthy individuals are rolling up their sleeves for a good track.

The New-age Perception

In addition to this new-age perception, workers and business representatives are now gearing up for  a sophisticated business product which is jewellery. At all times, to be specific, everyone wants to have what the other one is having.

Now, for the agile entrepreneurs looking for the best opportunities, this will definitely make some hits.  Now speaking mainly about jewellery and other precious stones as symbols of wealth limits the general cultural reality that surrounds the very essence of jewellery.

Power Jewels

Lately, jewellery has to be more than wealth or power fantasy. This is probably due to the sudden empowerment of the individuals that they are able to juxtapose in artistic interpretations of the mere act of owning jewellery.  It seems everyone is buying jewellery now as some sort of  a necessity in expressing one’s self and donning a fashion statement. As good as it gets, everyone has had to find a ground to plant one’s own intentions.

Top 7 Best Gift Ideas for Men

The Gift Ideas for Men

Most women have difficulty getting gift ideas for men. It seems that there are limited selections of accessories or items designed for men. This should not be the case. Men explore on a lot of things or fields, and these fields could serve as guides on what type of gift should be given to them.

7 Best Gift Ideas for Men

What are the different gifts that are perfect for a dad, son, boyfriend, or friend? Here is a list of options that you could take with you, glamorously wrap, and send to your loved one.

1.Watch. For special occasions, this is a perfect gift for anyone. One may select from a wide array of brand options such as Michael Kors, Casio, Marc Jacobs, Fossil, Tissot, Citizen, Tag Heuer, Omega, ASOS, or Limit.

2.Headphones. A set of headphones could be given to a male friend, brother, co-worker, boss, or even dad. Headphones are very modern, and many people would love to have this as a gift for special occasions.

3.Levi’s Shirt. Levi’s is a brand that has been popular for so many years now. Newer and more famous brands may have emerged in the market, but this type of shirt will let a man, especially if he is your special someone, remember the gift for a long time.

4.Perfume. If you aim for romantic gifts, perfume for men is also a great item to buy. Famous brands include Eternity by Calvin Klein, Versace Man, Cool Water by Davidoff Cologne, Dolce & Gabbana, and Hugo Boss.

5.Speakers. Speakers are not just for music lovers. Even if you don’t find a person listening to music at home most of the time, these items could really serve as treasures for men.

6.Card. For something inexpensive but sweet and meaningful, a card is the perfect gift for it. It can be added with a picture and a personalized message to make it more meaningful and significant to the other person.

7.Souvenir Pen. This is a simple gift, but it can also mean a lot, especially to a dad. For boyfriends, co-workers, or bosses, an expensive pen will let them use and keep it for a longer time.

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