What makes an effective business card?

Designing an effective business card is not just a case of adding your name and contact information to a template, and then asking a printing company (see printing business cards in Vancouver) to print new cards for you. Not in this day and age, where having an effective business card can get you the new business a nondescript one cannot.

Instead, there are several steps you can follow to make your new business cards more eye-catching, more memorable and more likely to be kept by the people you give them to.

Legible fonts — Fonts should be crisp, clear and in a size that the words are easily readable. Ask for a test print of your new business cards before you approve the full job, as cards that are difficult to read will never be an effective marketing tool.

Stick to a standard size — While it may be tempting to move away from a standard sized card, so that yours can stand out, you may want to rethink that strategy. After all, most people you give your card to will keep it in their wallet or in a business card holder. If yours is too large, it will likely be thrown away.

Be creative — While you should stick to a standard size, you can still be creative when it comes to how the card looks. Choose bold colors, bold fonts and even create business cards that are standard size but an unusual shape.

This could be a card in the shape of a cat for a pet groomer’s, a card shaped like a computer for an IT company or one that looks like a house if you work for a real estate company. As long as you keep the size to the confines of the standard business card, it will stand out but recipients will still keep it.

Die-cut cards — If you really want to stand out, consider having die-cut cards printed. They are more expensive, but as they are striking looking, and can be created in extremely avant-garde designs, they are often worth the extra money.

Permanent messages — Try not to use messages on your cards that may only be appropriate for a month or two. Not only could you get stuck with thousands of cards you can no longer hand out, you could also have recipients calling you years later about deals that no longer exist.

No more than three colors — While some designers recommend sticking to two colors for an effective business card, it is possible to create a beautiful one in a tri-color design. Stay away from more colors than three, though, as not only does that begin to look too busy on a small card, it also increases the cost of your entire print.

Stick to these few simple design rules when creating your next business cards, and you are likely to discover the people you give them to not only seem to like them, they also do not throw them away,